Evangelical Baptist Church of Fort LAUDERDALE


Our history

I, Bishop Waldecks Luma, received a call from the Lord on my dream regarding being a Pastor and I refused, I saw Jesus face to face and I talked to him like I was talking to my friend, in that dream the Trinity was present, all three of them were present in that dream, God the Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, I told Jesus no Because I have other things to do and Jesus didn’t say anything, when I woke up I noticed That was just a dream, in that morning I went to my Pastor’s house Dr. Megie Sylvain, I explained him the dream and he said it is a call from the Lord, you are a choosing person, God wants you to work for him and he is calling you, I said not me, it should be a mistake maybe someone else, then he explained me the story of Jeremiah when the Lord called him in Jeremiah chapter one.