Evangelical Baptist Church of Fort LAUDERDALE



Dear Friends of EBCOFL,

On behalf of the congregation of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, welcome to our site.

We are delighted to share with you some information about us and hope that you find it helpful. This church exists for the glory of God. We believe that we are made expressly to be in a relationship with Him and to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as our Lord and Savior. We strive to bring God glory through singing and praying together, hearing His Word preached, loving Him, and loving one another.

We are an evangelical community of believers in a needy environment; our setting has its problems and its opportunities. We are nonetheless delighted at the spiritual health God has cultivated here and thankful that He continues to bring committed believers into our fold. It is a blessing to serve God in the mission field of Fort Lauderdale with these brothers and sisters of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations.

As a part of our mission, we would love to be of help to you. For that matter, we would love for you to be of help to us, as we serve God with a Christ-centered focus.


We are an Evangelical community of believers to serve God in the mission field of Fort Lauderdale and throughout the world. This Church exists for the Glory of God.


In Evangelical Baptist Church Of Fort Lauderdale God comes first and our Neighbor comes at the 2nd place, not the Bishop, not the Pastors, neither do the Board members because we as leaders, we’ve been called to serve.


We preach the word of God in the Church, throughout the Social Network, Facebook live, YouTube live, Radio Tele Ebcofl, Planete Radio 99.9 Fm, we teach the people of God the Bible from Ebcofl Bible Colege, we also have Ebcofl international ministries outreach, from there we have other international church and School, Evangelical Baptist Church Of Pestel which is EBCOP. We have 2 International Pastors Pastors Kesnel Colas and Pastor Vanessa Chery both of them have been ordained, Certified, licensed under our Ministry. To God be the Glory!

Our History

Words of thanking

Greetings everyone!

Before going any further, allow me to present myself,My name is Bishop Waldecks Luma, Pastor and Founder of Evangelical Baptist Church Of Fort Lauderdale, Inc and CEO of Radio Tele EBCOFL, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for everything they have done for me and for the Church, let me start by thanking the Almighty God for choosing me to do his work, by reading the Bible we all know God didn’t choose everyone to do his work I thank him a lot for allowing me to be one of his Servants, Thanks to my Lovely Wife Sister Myrlene Luma, Overseer of the Church for her hard work and dedication to the work of God,

Dr. Megie Sylvain which is my Mentor, my counselor, my person to go to after God in any circumstances, my Teacher, my spiritual Father, my Friend, the person who brought me back in the Church. Thank you so much Dr. Megie for making me the person that I am today, Bishop Frank A Lloyd II and Lady Lloyd for their advices and their support, their words of encouragement and for everything, Pastor Henock Chery & Sister Chery for their support to the church, Dr. Mario Valcin my previous Pastor from my young age that I love and admire until now, Mr. Antonio Reyes Bejaran my teacher who taught me how to convert adversity into opportunity, Bishop Jean Quetely and Sister Lunise Édouard for everything they did for me, Sister Margarette N. Antoine Mg, to the late Pastor Eudrisse Michel, to Pastor Renaud Philistin, Pastor Gaudin Charles, Brother Michel Alisma, Pastor Amors Prophete, Pastor Jose Pierre and Sister Myrlene Seraphin who are working in the Church since day one,

Pastor Andre Julbert, Pastor Elange Mesidor, Pastor Gertrude Alexis our everything for the Church and Associate Pastor, Brother Louis Geffrard who worked very hard for the Church and to make my ordination possible, I own him an eternal gratitude, Pastor Toni Matial, Maestro Ardolph and Monique Heriveaux, Sr Youseline Luma, Brother Martelier Ducarmel , My late Sister Lude Luma, Maestro Waldecksohn Luma the music director, Sister Ashley Luma the Network system operator, Sister Dannash Petit-Homme, Sister Carmel, Sister Alexandra Jules, Sister Sherlande Deus, Brother Patrick Eugene, Brother Dulsais Fleuridor, Pastor Esaus Bien-Aime

-Aimee, Fr Rodnel Nathie Antenor, Fr Josue Etienne

Thank you everyone.

The Church history begins

I, Bishop Waldecks Luma, received a call from the Lord on my dream regarding being a Pastor and I refused, I saw Jesus face to face and I talked to him like I was talking to my friend, in that dream the Trinity was present, all three of them were present in that dream, God the Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, I told Jesus no Because I have other things to do and Jesus didn’t say anything, when I woke up I noticed That was just a dream, in that morning I went to my Pastor’s house Dr Megie Sylvain, I explained him the dream and he said it is a call from the Lord, you are a choosing person, God wants you to work for him and he is calling you , I said not me, it should be a mistake maybe someone else, then he explained me the story of Jeremiah when the Lord called him in Jeremiah chapter one,

He tried to convince me but he couldn’t do so because I didn’t leave any Space in my Mind to make it happen.Twenty-four years later, I was ordained by Dr. Megie Sylvain, Dr. C Norman Sellers, President of National Bible College and Pastor Toni Matial, I just Summarized the history for you but if you want to know what was happened between the call and the day that I accepted the call inbox me or email me I will answer every question you may have, all I can tell you for now, I went to Theological school, I preached in 3 different churches every month in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Port St Lucie and Palm Bay and I still didn’t want to accept the call until God said you run to much now you don’t have anymore options, I finally surrendered myself to his will.

To God be the Glory!

The church was planted by Dr. Megie Sylvain and Myself Bishop Waldecks Luma on 07/14/2014, it has been inaugurated by Dr. Megie Sylvain the same date, Dr. Megie Sylvain was the person who named the Church as Evangelical Baptist Church Of Fort Lauderdale, he is always here for me whenever I need him, the presence of God is always with us, the Holy Spirit visits us on every service and every one can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, this is a place to worship God, our members and leaders are working together with us, we put God first, at EBCOFL we don’t look for our own interest but we put God’s interest first and after the interest of others. Now we have a 2nd Church Evangelical Baptist Church Of Pestel with Pastor Kesnel Colas and Pastor Vanessa Chery, we sent several people to school, we have a school in Jeremiah Evangelical Baptist School of Jeremiah, some of our children are in University, elementary and High School, Nursing etc.This is what I’ve been called for and I didn’t want to do.

To God be the Glory!

If you want more info fell free to contact me at bishopwluma @ebcofl.org

I am asking for you to be in the help of us, we are doing a Tremendous job Which requires the participation of everyone , your support and prayer are Very important for us, I would like you to be part of our accomplishment, I need to share my call with you, please contact me and I will be honored to answer any of the questions you may have. God is doing great things among us, please join us to worship the Lord, we are in the need of help. Our local and international outreach ministries are in the need of people that are willing to help. We are a 501c(3) non profit organization, we need your help please contact us at: bishopwluma @ebcofl.org